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The project is instrumental by nature. The music covers a lot of genres. From being very melodic to the avant-garde. The solos were all Improvised.


To the musicians who played on this album, many thanks and much gratitude. 

I played bass, guitar, keys, synth sounds and beats

Leonard Shaw played sax on What’s Up and Inside Out  

Dave Garber played guitar on Tell Them, Rock Hard, Stone Me, First Time, Big One and Passed Go

Mitch Dorge played drums on First Time, Muchacho and Inside Out

Terry Barnett played guitar on Crazy Town

Laurie MacKenzie played guitar on Muchacho

Rubin Kantorovich played guitar on So Nice


I produced, wrote and recorded the music.

Everybody co-wrote the tunes they played on.

My brother Barry Chochinov did the artwork and layout for the Cd.

Mitch Dorge recorded his drums in his studio.

Rubin Kantorovich Mastered Muchacho at his studio

Ironstone did the cd duplication


Thanks to my beautiful wife and life partner Lori Harder and my talented son Joachim. Also my loving Family.


Yours Truly,

Sandy Chochinov



Checkout the new video by The Guess Who on my website!  “Playin On The Radio” featuring

D#,WILL E, Gary Peterson, Rudy Sarzo, and my great friend Leonard Shaw


About 20 Years After:

About a year ago my good friend Rubin Kantorovich told me he digitized a project we had done 20 years ago that was recorded in his studio on an eight track tape recorder. Unfortunately never finished. The project consisted of four songs and an instrumental. When I heard the instrumental I couldn’t even remember doing it. The song turned out to be written by the great drummer Craig Kaleal. Who also played drums on the tracks. 

Over the summer Rubin started adding these tasty musical guitar tracks to the project. We got Leonard Shaw to put icing on the cake, playing amazing saxes and flute on the instrumental called Everness. The other tunes were I’m Changing My Style, Sharing The Love and You Must be Right sung beautifully by Russ Psooy. Tara Richardson was recommended to us very highly and sang her heart out on Turn Back The Time.

Rubin used his spare time to play, mix and master the music so brilliantly. He would send the songs to me as he finished them for feedback. There is a lot of love in these performances. We’d now like to share that love with all of you folks out there.


About Forward Back To Now & The Lewsh Project

 Hello Folks checkout my new Website!! My newest release is called Forward Back To Now. Available on Cdbaby and iTunes. You can also stream the music on Apple Music and pretty much every site that cdbaby sends it to. My brother Barry did all the graphics. So really  this website is half his. A lot of the paintings on the covers are from Gary Taylor. Of course there is also The Lewsh Project which is Leonard Shaw, Dave Garber and yours truly.

I want to thank all the musicians who have played on these projects. Leonard Shaw,Dave Garber, Laurie MacKenzie,Stephen Arndt, Mitch Dorge, Rubin Kantorovich,Craig Kaleal,Terry Barnett, Rick Livingston, Robert"Zap"Zaporzan, Lindsay Girouard, Robert Bramwell, Paul DeLong,Tones Lester, Duke Braun,Pete Harder,Ron Reid, Barry Shaw. A special thanks to My beautiful wife Lori and my one and only Joachim.





















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