The project is instrumental by nature. The music covers a lot of genres. From being very melodic to the avant-garde. The solos were all Improvised.To the musicians who played on this album, many thanks and much gratitude. I played bass, guitar, keys, synth sounds and beats. Leonard Shaw played sax on What’s Up and Inside Out. Dave Garber played guitar on Tell Them, Rock Hard, Stone Me, First Time, Big One and Passed Go. Mitch Dorge played drums on First Time, Muchacho and Inside Out. Terry Barnett played guitar on Crazy Town. Laurie MacKenzie played guitar on Muchacho. Rubin Kantorovich played guitar on So Nice. I produced, wrote and recorded the music. Everybody co-wrote the tunes they played on. My brother Barry Chochinov did the artwork and layout for the Cd. Mitch Dorge recorded his drums in his studio. Rubin Kantorovich Mastered Muchacho at his studio. Ironstone did the cd duplication

Thanks to my beautiful wife and life partner Lori Harder and my talented son Joachim. Also my loving Family.

Yours Truly,

Sandy Chochinov